The portrait is an exciting area of visual art. Faces, their expression and energy are fascinating.

I began portrait work with a series called „Portraits of Angels” (last 5 paintings on view in this catagory Portraits). I took this opportunity to experiment with different painting tools – essentially using anything other than the paint brush.

I discovered the palette knife and a growing interest in the realistic depiction of the human face – taking a step away from a cartooned version.

Creating a painting from the beginning sketch to the completed work only using a palette knife was a very freeing experience and allowed for a more naïve approach to portrait work.

Wanting to go further in the development of the portrait, I started portraying people in the traditional artistic way using drawing utensils such as charcoal, pastel, graphite, acrylic and oil paint.

What interests me is playing with the various degrees of realism while maintaining intensity.


Das Portraitieren ist ein spannendes Gebiet der bildenden Kunst. Gesichter, ihr Ausdruck und ihre Energie sind faszinierend.

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