©Ribic / First Snowfall of the Season / Der erste Schneefall der Jahreszeit / Acrylic on Paper

©Ribic / First Snowfall of the Season / Der erste Schneefall der Jahreszeit / Acrylic on Paper

Art is play.

Art is music.

Art is the expression of imagination.

Play and imagination offer me the freedom to creatively express my interpretation of a subject or tell a story in the form of a drawing, painting or cartoon. They generously lend me pathways to develop my artistry.

While working as a Cartoonist, I strive to illustrate the essence of a theme both graphically and in text. During the research of a theme, cartoons come to me like “snap-shot” photos – instantaneous, humourful scenes with characters and their bubble texts or just a title. The “snap-shot” scene then is translated onto paper. Sometimes what ends up on paper varies from the “snap-shot” scene that originated in my imagination. The drawing process invariably offers ideas! Best to stay open and accept what the creative process can offer.

My other artistic avenue is Fine Art. Fine Art and Cartooning often overlap and one often gives me inspiration for the other.

Inspiration is also found working with different art materials. I am curious to try different mediums, tools and surfaces.

To remain creatively fresh, I stay open for chance. To stay open and be ready to see spontaneous outcomes of lines, forms, perspective, brush strokes, colour etc. It’s exhilarating and challenging to suddenly see unexpected things happening on the support. They are working colleagues to integrate. It’s team work. Spontaneous outcomes of drawing lines, of paint plains, or colour mix, brush strokes etc. can be brilliant.

I enjoy the dialogue between conscious decisions (i.e. choice of colour or tools, finding answers to questions of contrast or balance) and “not thinking” at all – being in the flow.

I find a piece works when it stands on its own, emits an energy and tells a story.

C. Ribic

Kunst ist Spiel.

Kunst ist Musik.

Neben der Spielfreude und der Vorstellungskraft als Ausgangspunkt meiner Arbeit, ist auch das Zufallsprinzip ein Wichtiger Bestandteil im kreativen Prozess.

Das Spiel bringt mir die Freude und Freiheit, die ich brauche, um kreativ zu sein; ein Thema auf meine Art und Weise auszudrücken oder eine Geschichte in Form einer Zeichnung, eines Gemäldes oder eines Cartoons zu erzählen.

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