© Ribic / First Snowfall of the Season! / Der erste Schneefall der Jahreszeit!

© Ribic / First Snowfall of the Season! / Der erste Schneefall der Jahreszeit!

Art is Play

Art is the Expression of Imagination

Play and imagination are central to my work; as well as the investigation of chance in the creative process.

Play and imagination offer me the freedom to creatively express my interpretation of a subject or tell a story in the form of a drawing, painting or cartoon. They generously lend me pathways to develop my artistry.

Faces, figure/women, musicians and their instruments, animals, and colour are subject matters that currently inspire me. Inspiration is also found working with different art materials. I am curious to discover my “finger print” in art – my way of being creative.

While drawing or painting, I prefer to focus on one subject at a time. Generally, I find that technique has a better chance to development. Even in the case of beginning with a specific idea, I enjoy remaining open for chance: to see and integrate interesting things that are happening by chance on the art surface (paper or canvas). Sometimes an image of another subject will emerge, and if it is more interesting, I will continue with the entirely new idea. I find colours, lines and plains do speak for themselves but art often happens between these entities.

C. Ribic

Kunst ist Spiel

Neben der Spielfreude und der Vorstellungskraft als Ausgangspunkt meiner Arbeit, ist auch das Zufallsprinzip ein Wichtiger Bestandteil im kreativen Prozess.

Das Spiel bringt mir die Freude und Freiheit, die ich brauche, um kreativ zu sein; ein Thema auf meine Art und Weise auszudrücken oder eine Geschichte in Form einer Zeichnung, eines Gemäldes oder eines Cartoons zu erzählen.

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